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Achieve new goals and get access to your customers by offering more payment tools

About Us

we build products
that move money

Professional team

Centaurum is a team of professionals with extensive experience in the financial industry, e-commerce, and banking sectors. 

Secure payments

We are always ready to help create a reliable online infrastructure to ensure secure payments worldwide. 


Our in-depth business knowledge and personalized approach to each client let us to be a loyal partner in the field of payments.

Upgrade your payments now!

From better payment solutions to the best one!

Why Centaurum?

aimed at wealth accurate to the cent!

Discover why Centaurum is your ideal choice for wealth management.


Centaurum payment system is a unique solution

Centaurum’s payment system is convenient to use with all kinds of functions included. It is created through numerous innovations and secured by the best safety features.


The possibility to scale your business worldwide

Our payment platform will help you expand your business globally, providing the opportunity to grow your customer base in any country, wherever your customers are.



Simple and convenient administration

We provide convenient administration and payment processing in an intuitive interface, as well as extensive capabilities for payment analytics and statistics.


Stress-free payment service integration

Extensive experience of our team of IT specialists let us support you at every stage of integration, ensuring quick implementation of online payments on your website.


we offer you access to more than
160 payment methods!

Our Solutions

Transforming cents into aurum, globally!

Exceptional service

Receive first-class service and full support from your manager, ensuring your needs are met with utmost care.

Comprehensive training

Access free training sessions on leveraging our fintech solution to its fullest potential, empowering you to maximize its capabilities.

Top-notch technologies

Experience industry-leading technologies and services, granting you access to the latest innovations in the field.

Transparent pricing

Prioritize transparency and clarity in pricing, instilling confidence by ensuring full understanding of our prices and tariffs.

Personalized communication

Foster your communication with a personalized payment page that seamlessly reflects your corporate identity.

Optimized infrastructure

Upgrade your IT structure with modern technological solutions, seamlessly integrating various payment systems.

Your Profit

Achieve More goals!

Secure Payments

Level 1 PCI DSS certification and SSL encryption protocol are in place to guarantee the highest level of data security, ensuring secure payments.

Risk Management

The system autonomously identifies and blocks suspicious transactions, bolstering your risk management efforts, especially regarding sanctions.

Flexible Transactions

Innovative solutions empower you to adjust transaction limits and optimize deposits based on country, currency, and payment amount.

Unified Management

A comprehensive processing platform, whether through APS or global acquiring, effectively streamlines your payment processes.

Contact Us

Submit your request and our consultant will contact you!

Contact Us

Submit your request and our consultant will contact you!